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darling, darling, i love you...
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~ Make Me Lala ~

utada hikaru, yaida hitomi, hitomi shimatani, every little thing, orange range, the rasmus, alizée, brainstorm, flipsyde
here we go one more time...

now i'm in over my head
with something i said
completely misread
i'm better off dead
and now i can see
how fake you can be
this hypocrisy is beginning to get to me

l i g h t └┐ g r e n a d e s └┐ i n └┐ t h e └┐ s k y .
m a k e └┐ m e └┐ f l y i n g └┐ h i g h .

~ Earcandy ~

system of a down - aerials
× aerials, so up high, when you free your eyes eternal prize
sum 41 - over my head
× and now i can see how fake you can be
p!nk - u + ur hand
× midnight, i'm drunk, i don't give a fuck
t.A.T.u. - show me love
× never felt so lonely i wish that you could show me love
hitomi shimatani - sky high
× high and higher fly to sky high
gnarles barkley - smiley faces
× and I can tell you know how hard this life can be

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